Dev Log – Indie Developer and Mechanics

Hello, my Liege!

I am “JDevJoker“, Lead Developer and Game Designer of the game My Liege.
Long time no see, huh? I’ve been very busy working at my normal Job (which also involves games and it is awesome) creating some amazing stuff and I really did not have time to update the blog… but that doesn’t mean this game is on hold 😉

Been an indie developer, first time

At night and some times on the weekend I work a lot on My Liege. I can say that 8 -10 hours a week. Some may say this is too slow, but I can say that I do things pretty fast and this game have a solid plan (also… it is the only time I have to work on it, LOL). That means, we are on track and, with this pace, we will finish next year (the deadline I am aiming for). It is the first time I am creating a game without thinking “how I will make money from it”. I know, this is part of the business, but now I am very happy to say that I work professionally with games and ALSO I can create my own games. And this is fantastic. No publishers now, no rush to get investment, no changes on the game design plan… it is everything the way I can plan.
My Liege was something I always wanted to create and, with time, I know it can become really nice (graphics, mechanics, etc). I already “re-wrote” 50% of the game system because I was not satisfied with what I achieved. And I think this is gold for a developer.

Oh, forgot to say… by “we” I mean I do have some awesome guys that I contracted to do some art, music and concepts. So, they will also be in the game credits and this game would not be possible without them 🙂

Latest progress

In the last 4 weeks I’ve been studying how I could improve the graphics and performance. Unity 2018 is awesome (I am a Unity developer for more than 7 years now) and it has so many good features that it is hard to test everything in the speed I want. But we are getting there. Below you can find some of the latest screenshots and work in progress for the game.




The Game (now updated on main website too)

My Liege is a mix of RPG, Simulation and Survival game genres, where we have a medieval theme together with a minor dark fantasy background. By “minor” we want to say that we will not have tons of magic spells or monsters. Instead, we have a rich medieval world, where dark creatures started to roam the lands. We are focusing in a solid medieval combat mechanic, where you may find humanoid creatures that were summoned somehow into this medieval world. No, we don’t have zombies here, nor dragons and alike. Instead, we have dark creatures that players will have to explore with caution on the road, villages and interesting places. But wait, I will explain…


The Kingdoms and Background

The story will happen in the eyes of Turid Gerrart”, the protagonist of our story. As a player, you will directly control him in a first person view inside a world consumed by greed, dark plots and dark magic. When starting your journey, you will be able to decide how you start: if you know the world, if you know the lore and how much you know. This will be the difficulty of your adventure. From there you will learn what happened to the three kingdoms, to the villages and why the road are infested with bandits and humanoid creatures that can talk to you and are usually aggressive. During your journey you may find abandoned villages, camps and medieval villages with low to high laws and restrictions. Or… imagine a true medieval world, but where someone summoned dark creatures to attack our lands and, maybe, get rid of humans.


Adventure meets Survival

You can explore all regions that we have in the game. Small camps, forests, villages, rivers… what you usually find in a medieval world you will find here. Also, you will have to survive too – eat to stay alive, sleep to recover your energy, create fire to heat yourself in cold places and much more. It is not only creatures and bandits that may kill you.


Skills and professions are NOT implemented just to create content to the game. These skills will be useful. You evolve as long as you practice. There are no magic attribute points here.

Main game features (this may change with the development):

  • Study of real locations to create a nice atmosphere and environment.
  • Discover the story with NPCs and exploration. Face the consequences.
  • Detailed action on first person view, medieval life simulation.
  • Interact with every NPC – a true role-playing game.
  • NPCs have a routine, desires and secrets.
  • Help to manage and grow your home village.
  • Solid combat based on real player skills mixed with our RPG attributes.
  • Some combat based on real Nordic art style (check our blog).
  • At least three main villages with lots of details.
  • Survival elements: your character needs to live, feel and survive.
  • Music album with at least nine awesome soundtracks.
  • Different non-linear professions to follow.
  • Non linear Skill progression, where you need to practice to master.
  • Dynamic quests and missions with interesting content.
  • Detailed visuals using Unity 2018 engine for next-gen PC.
  • More to come…

If you want to know more, stay tuned in our blog, because changes may happen during development, and also in our social channels.

Official website:

Thank you and may the Gods bless you. Until next time!


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